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Music Mix Spotlights!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Yo now that we back to the snappin from  his own mouth Love and Hip Hop ATL star Stevie have sort of confirmed that his wifey-boo Joseline Hernandez is preggo again... Hear Stevie snap about it on the inside.

The hood Jay and Beyonce reality TV family Stevie J and Joseline is having a new addition to the Love & Hip Hop brand.  Stevie J confirmed on Friday during a radio interview on V100.7 that he and wifey Joseline Hernandez are expecting pregoo again. And here's the snap on it reports The Jasmine Brand:

When asked how married life was treating him, Stevie told listeners:
It’s all real, but we got new additions with the family too..I don’t wanna say too much, but you know what I’m saying…We extending and expanding the Jordan family….If you understand what I mean….You know, we expecting the family man…
During the conversation, Stevie also addressed rumors that his now pregnant partner was unfaithful and cheated on him with athletes. He defended Joseline stating:
Man you know, they talked about Jesus…
Stevie also confirmed reports that he has spin-off plans. Tentatively called The Jordan Show, he and Joseline plan to return for another season of LHHA, but then secure their spin-off:
We gearing up for a spin-off man…Carry that fan base (LHHA) to the Jordan Show.
Stevie J noted that he was the first man on reality TV, to have two women simultaneously:
Truth be told, I was the first one to come to TV with the two ladies, now it’s mandatory…I see a lot of Love & Hip Hop stunt doubles…but God bless ‘em….I’m just happy I opened the lane…
Joseline has yet to confirm the news. This will be baby 7 for Stevie J. His youngest daughter is with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust.
Joseline also shared the below pic of a prego pic on instagram saying:

"Sperm Donors: You can't compete with something you not in the same class with. Silly rabbit"

We don't know what the heck Joseline talking about, But this will be the second pregnancy for Joseline... Remember she was preggo by Stevie on the first season of  LHHATL and aborted the pregnancy... Anywho check out Stevie snappin on the pregnancy below:

Well Chile Boo if it is true... Congrats to the Couple!
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