Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Monday, September 15, 2014


The snappin has it that Diva Bey and reality star Yandy Smith has a gut full of Jay-z and Mendeencees for the second time... Yep mm huh...Them maybe preggo, oh yes they are...{in our baby talk voice...Ha} Get the deets of the alleged suspect prego divas inside.

Okay here's the snap per YBF on Bey baby bump snappin:

The rumor mill is turning once again with rumors of The Carters getting ready to welcome baby #2.  Check out the alleged proof...and decide if you believe it all...

An unfounded rumor, saying that Jay Z announced" that Beyonce was pregnant during Friday night's On The Run tour stop in Paris, was picked up across the net.  However, no proof has surfaced of any "announcement".

But several pics from Friday and Saturday's shows have folks raising an eyebrow.  The pics above show Beyonce in a new outfit that she ore during her "Partition" performance.  While all of her outfits give an illusion of her usual super flat tummy from the front, those side views appear to be pretty telling....

Speaking of her "Partition" performance, interestingly, she removed all the acrobatic moves from the segment.  There was no silhouette dance on top of a curved structure as usual, no poles, no dancers, and there was much less dancing involved.

Some say there were several technical difficulties taking place--including her sound and other things.  Others believe this is a sign of a baby being in the oven.  Check the video below:

But not so fast. Saturday night, Beyonce had her straddle structure:

And now the baby bump pics

Now  more pics of Dva Bey covering up her baby bump below...

Moving right along... Well we know that reality star Yandy Smith man-boo was released from prison not too long ago... And since then Ms. Yandy been looking rather bigger in the mid-section and glowing... See the pics for yourself below.

In the above pic during a recent photoshoot Yandy was the only hair model that was all cover up.

In the above and below pic Yandy Face is full and glowing...

And now the pics that top them all...look at her mid section... Sure do look like a Tiny baby bump.

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