Sunday, August 10, 2014


YAAS Divas and Snappers because of you {our readers} there's a hashtag #DivaSnap movement on the rise on social media... And we are oh So loving it....!

In one of our first posted when launching this blog site we introduce ourselves with how to not come for a diva who snaps, by sharing a hilarious All-Male Tutorial that teaches folks to snap like a Diva, all in love and fun. Our intention is to uplift women on how there can be light in the midst of a snappin moment. Basically to indicate on how to make light of any dark situation. {Story of our life}.

Now to our surprise it look as if both divas and snappers are getting the message of as they are now sharing their hashtag  #DivaSnap moments... Check it out inside..

oOH Snap!!
Let it be known that you are a diva {or snapper} that snaps, and you will not let your snappin moment stop you from living or reaching your dream to succeed in this thang call life.

So with that said: If  you think your fashion, beauty style is snappin, or if you're an aspiring singers, authors, models, housewifes or just mad with your current situation or the world, etc. feel welcome to join our movement we will love to see you Pop Those Fingers  #DivaSnap Style...  Because Sh*t do happen!

Scroll below to see divas and snappers getting their #Divasnap on instagram:

Ha... oh so loving it!!!.. So keep the post coming... Share your snappin moment with hashtag #Divasnap or email

Work it like Nene Leaks *Diva Snap* (Pop those Fingers)

Click here to learn how to snap like a Diva...

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