Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Jennifer Hudson is on the move promoting her newly album titled JHUD. While on her grind she snap it up with DC's Majic 102.3 about Folks accusing her of being a part of the Illuminati... Umm Huh Jen heard what y'all been saying about her and those Satan folks, and said “You Will NOT Take The Credit For God’s Work!”  You better speak Diva!...

By now we all know about all this bizz with some Celebs involved with the Illuminati to reach an high level of success in the entertainment industry right... on how the Celebs had to sacrifice something sacred in order to reach that success. 
Well hunni Jen is knocking down those rumors of her being link to the illuminati and said how hurtful and upsetting it is when people try to discredit her work and chalk it up to a non-existing factor.  Especially when she works so hard to make good music from a positive place.
During the interview with Adimu, JHud open up with:
”I think people find a way to discredit people in everything you do. Nothing is ever what it really is. At the end of the day, we all work hard for what we get and what we do just like anyone else. And it’s unfair that some people would be that cruel to impose such negativity on things that is done from a positive place. It’s very hurtful and extremely upsetting. Especially coming from a Christian standpoint.
She added,
“Every time I hear stuff like that, I’m like 'You will not take the credit for God’s work and give it to Satan! Not on my watch.'”
Jen new album will drop in August.
Check it out below:

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