Monday, June 23, 2014


She, her, Tamar had a complete epic meltdown in the middle of her Las Vegas show due to being overly exhausted, and she is telling her tamartian fans of what really happen... See Ta-Ta speak on it inside.

Sharing the above pic on instagram She writes:

I really felt like last night was #lightsout for me!! I felt sooo bad I was shaking. I honestly couldn't remember a lyric ( which is nothing new) a dance step(everynight) but...I never lost my MYSELF where my body took over my mind and left me helpless. I wanted to stay but I couldn't. I wanted to drink water and catch my breath but I couldn't. I, Tamar, for the first time who has always been able to figure it out and work through ANYTHING simply couldn't do ANYTHING but gasp for air and ask for help!! I was powerless and heartbroken. .......However, my #DallasTamartians held me down & reminded me what a #RealTrueTamartian is!!! I tried to get up and go back 3 times but I couldn't move, talk, sing & worse, breathe. Not until I heard how after all that time past that you ALL was waiting for me no one left! HOB was Just as packed And energetic as if you all JUST got there!! I GOT my life last night cause u gave it to me! I walked back on stage feeling defeated, frustrated, scared, VOICELESS and STILL u ALL excepted &still loved the REAL Tamar your #tamartianfriend just as I was and THAT is how my voice came back I had a TON of energy and you even sang every song until I could do it by myself!! I KNOW you love me for ME!!! And because of this I'll never forget how u changed my life last night & you all have left me feeling that I will NEVER be the same! Thank you for saving me! I'll ALWAYS be here and #fight4you(shout out to my MAN for Never leaving my side and ALWAYS having my back!! Iyou)...L.A.....I feel amazing so let's GO! See you tonight"

She continue with:

LasVegasTamartians I definitely don't want that confused!! Cause that's who deserves ALL the recognition!! Sorry for the mix up and thanks again"
Ta get yo self some rest!
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