Friday, June 6, 2014

HA: TRINA RESPOND TO EXPOSING HER VAJAYJAY ON STAGE SAYING "Never Put Shoes on that Pretty a$$ Bentley"...{Video}

Trina hit the stage at a party recently in  a see-threw mesh bottom shirt and what look like to her fans no panties when her lady purse decide to reveal it-self also... And if we all know the 'Baddest B*tch' she did not have any problem with having her Vajayjay joining the party as she hit on instagram only to say   "Never Put Shoes on that Pretty a$$ a Bentley" Ha! Click inside to watch her cooch make it stage appearance inside.


The Miami raptress  took to IG to shared the above pic to let her Fans know she was wearing  panties, a thong to be exact... Scroll below to watch the video of her cooch making headlines.

Press Play to watch Video:

So tell us what it look like Trina panties or nah?

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