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Monday, April 28, 2014


The snappin has it that some of the well known snappin reality stars  Moms are about to hit on your TV.”... um huh you read that right, get the deets inside.

So since reality show are the thing of the now. Why not let the reality moms get in on the action. Okay enough of me talking here the snap  per TheYBF:

"We love a good spin-off and it looks like some reality TV moms have landed their very own show.
Now…there aren’t many details but a source revealed names of the cast who are currently in the process of creating foolywang tv.
“RHOA” star Kandi (Burruss) Tucker’s mom Mama Joyce, "Family Hustle" star Tiny’s mom Dianne, “LAHH ATL” starRasheeda’s mom Shirlene, Atlanta rapper Cash Out’s mom, an up-and-coming Atlanta rapper K Camp’s mother who goes by Mama Camp and fallen rapper MC Breed’s widow, Natasha Breed.
Our source tells us filming for the show has already started and it’s currently being shopped to television networks.
It’s no surprise Mama Joyce WOULD be starring in her own reality show after making headlines for bashing Kandi’s husband Todd. We’re not exactly sure if Kandi will be making any appearances on the show, but a source told us that Todd will be on show. Odd, we know.

Tiny’s mother Dianne  will allegedly join the cast. Tiny is said to be making appearances on the brand new show.
 photo rasheedamom.jpg
Remember when Rasheeda’s mom Shirlene rolled over Kirk’s bike on "LAHH ATL"? Yea…she’s supposedly going to be on the show.
 photo cashoutm.jpg
"Remember that song “Cashin’ Out” that dropped in 2012 by Atlanta rapper Cash Out? Well…his mother will possibly be joining the cast and it looks like she will be an interesting character indeed. The tatted rapper's mother and her blue hue hit the red carpet at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards."
 photo kcamp.png
"Atlanta rapper K Camp’s mother, Mama Camp (above/middle), will allegedly be on the show. K Camp (right) is said to be joining his mother on the show as well."
 photo nbreed.png
"And fallen rapper MC Breed’s widow Natasha Breed (who resides in Atlanta with their 3 kids) is also said to be on the new show. MC Breed died suddenly in 2008 leaving her to defend his estate against the music industry. So we're guessing that will be her storyline.
Seems like everyone is from Atlanta, so a fitting title for the show would be “Real Moms Of Atlanta.” No word on the actual title but that’s our guess."
So what happen to  Mama Jones {Rapper Jim Jones mom} and Frankie { Keyisha Cole mom}... Play with it!

 Will You Be Tune in, 
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