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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Oh boy here comes more of this ish.  More copycats to come. The snappin has it that Erica Mena is the next Love and Hip Hop star in line to drop a celeb sex tape... Really! Get the deets inside. 

We see that the porn flick thirst is real out her for many. Folks  y'all know who Erica Mena is by now, right? But just in case you forgot. Erica is the snappin Chicka on Love and Hip Hop NYC that was in love and war with cast-mate-lover-Boo-man Rich Dollaz and her new Chick-Boo at the same time... Yeah her. 

Any who rumor as it that she is caught up in a sex tape scandal also. Okay here the snap, Report Ryhmes With Snitch:

According to Hollywood Life Vivid Entertainment, the same company marketing Mimi and Nikko’s tape, is now in possession of a solo sex tape “stolen” from Erica Mena.
Negotiations to release the tape are already underway.

LADIES why  do we have to go there!!  Sigh*.... We have no other words to say then.... 

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1 comment:

Chiquita said...

Leave the poor girl alone. She went on ATL V103 and stated there is no tape. We should let her live and be happy. She has gone through a lot of shit over the years and she went on air to clear her name. It's not Erica Mena but it was Erica Jean who was mentioned. Give her a break guys, she may be a firecracker but she stated if she wanted to do a sex tape, it would have been out by now.

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