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Friday, April 11, 2014


Folks may know her as the Actress Lovita AlizĂ© Jenkins on “The Steve Harvey show"... But we know her as a mean girl. {Long story}. However her who government name is Terri Vaughin recently announced that she’s expecting her third child with fellow actor, Karon Joseph Riley. Whoosh! They sure don’t have a TV for be an actor and actress. 

Check out the Mom-to-be for the third time & her baby bump inside.

The 44-year-old actress appeared on CocoaFab’s new web series,The Organized Home where she linked up with the show’s host, Denise Gordon to throw a party for her girlfriends to announce her pregnancy. 

“I feel so excited to be able to grow our family and bring another life into the world,” Terri gushed. “Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel grounded and ready to receive this blessing! I’m grateful to be chosen by God to be a mother,” Terri gushed. 

Terri and Karon have two boys, Daylen, 12 and Kal’El, 5 and can’t wait to welcome their new baby into their loving home this fall. And that the snap on her. 

Well Congrats mean girl... Third time a Charm! 

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