Saturday, March 22, 2014


Bol if they aren't Silly or what?  Talk about another blow to Kimmy Kardashian, and all we can say is hell-to-the-nah. Apparently Ray J is still feeling some type of way about Kimmy K because every chance he get he snap in a way that link back to him and Kimmy K sex tape

And to re-visit his intimate time with Kimmy. Ray J decides to get the business on with Joan Rivers!  Well at least, for a new promo to promote the new season of WeTv’s Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best.  The comedienne Old Ma Rivers hook up with Ray J for a spoof oh his infamous 2007 sex tape with Kimmy K, which we believe is another way for Ray to subliminally remind folks that he hit it first. Now you get it, this is why we say Ray is still in his feeling about Kimmy-pooh... Which we don't know why, when he knows he can get it over here... {IJS, Don't just me}... Lol.... sigh* Anywho check out the video inside.

Whatever Brandy’s brother is doing under those white  sheets,  is surely making old Ma Rivers moans her way through it. Ha! The two is in a mock interview where Ray J snap about the benefits of dating older women saying:

You’re twice the woman Kim was…
And Joan responds with:
No, she was 32 at the time. I’m three times the woman.
Check out the two getting their dirty business on below:

Not going lie, this is pretty funny...Lol 

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