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Sunday, March 30, 2014


So this is why  Real Househusband of ATL Peter Thomas has been jumping in the ladies ish on the show... To grab himself some attention, therefore Folks will want to watch his own spin-off show... Oh now we get it. So yeah Cynitha Baliey hubby-Boo Peter is getting his own reality show and will you watch it? Find out more of the show inside... 

Plus  get the deets on Co-star Porhsa Williams and Kenymoore scratch it out on the Reunion show.

So here what friends to the site GWL reports:

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality star Peter Thomas is a man filled with ideas, some not so bright, but creating his own spin-off series might be a step in the right direction.

Swirling rumors claim that Cynthia Bailey's hubby is currently in production of shooting his own reality show, "The Bar One Chronicles," that will revolve around the Atlanta lounge.

Eyewitnesses claim Thomas, along with fellow RHOA husband, Gregg Leakes including Todd Tucker were spotted filming the potential spin-off earlier this month in Atlanta. “They had all the windows blocked off because it was daytime and the shoot was supposed to be at night,” the onlooker revealed.

Um, if this show as the same or more restaurant drama as Lisa Vanderpump Rules, then I'll definitely be watching. If the show does get picked up, will you be watching?

Now on to the snap down with Porsha and Kenya- below:

However, we reported months ago that Porsha Williams was getting fired from the source, and now again Rumors has it that because she drag Kenya Moore during the Reunion she got her walking paper or then again maybe not: Now on to the snap down, and talk of being fired report

Rumors are swirling all over the internets that Porsha Williams was fired after beating the “twirl” out ofKenya Moore yesterday on the set of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s reunion show. However, Radar Online says this is not the case.

Sources on set tell Radar,

“She has not been fired, obviously it’s not good what she did. It’s not the sort of thing that any parties want. The women were embarrassed. No one wants this sort of thing to happen, but the thing is with the reunions, they’re not going to make a decision today. At the end of every season, everyone’s getting evaluated on [if] they go forward for next season.
Was she fired?  No. Would she potentially be? Who knows? Anything is possible right now, clearly. Bravo execs need to evaluate the situation. They wouldn’t make a rash decision like that.
They just shot the reunion. A lot of conversations have to happen, so no decisions have been made yet. “Of course” they were upset with her….Porsha was upset. No one wanted that to happen.
It didn’t happen immediately. It was kind of a joint effort. It got broken up quickly. And as soon as it got broken, it was clear Porsha was very remorseful. The main thing is that Porsha hasn’t been fired yet, but who knows what’s going to happen after this?”
But other word on the net has it that the Ladies really didn't get into a dragging hair pulling snap down atleast this is what Kenya Moore is saying: Per Hollywood
The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion doesn’t air until Sunday, April 20 on Bravo, but the ladies got together to tape the oh-so-infamous two-part special yesterday on March 27, and it was quite the scene! Think hair-pulling, screaming and security. Yep, host Andy Cohen called in security to break up the brawl.
“They did get into an altercation. Porsha stood up, so then Kenya stood up,” Us Weekly reports. “Porsha charged at Kenya and pulled her hair, but it was over in a matter of seconds. Porsha never dragged her by her hair.” caught up with Kenya one week before the reunion special was shot, and she teased us with some sassy scoop.
“I’m excited to get the truth out,” Kenya EXCLUSIVELY told in New York City on March 20, 2014. ”I think that there were a lot of lies told about me during this season that were really malicious.”
We know that Kenya got into it with Porsha, but she also revealed that she’s out to get more of the Housewives! (This reunion is going to be epic.)
Kenya took to her Twitter on the afternoon of March 28 tweeting,”One thing u will NEVER see me do is fight. Your brain and tongue are your most powerful weapons.”
Sounds like we’ll have to wait until the big reunion to find out what really went down, but Kenya made it very clear to that she’s not afraid to use her words! When we asked her if she’d like to return to the RHOA, she fired back with, 
Well honey, they need a queen. How could I leave my new throne?”

Well Alrighty then!

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