Friday, March 7, 2014


Wow Boy!

Daddy Future got a slipping tongue or maybe not. Perhaps he just so excited about being a daddy again that he did not mind letting folks know that fiancĂ©-boo Ciara was having a boy Joy. Although the couple have managed to keep the baby's gender on the hush until now, he appeared to have revealed that his ma-boo Ci-Ci are expecting a boy, during a interview  with Tim Westwood when he stop by to snap about his Honest album and being on tour  with Drake he spill the milk . Watch the interview inside.

Okay here the snap: during the interview, while gushing about Ci-ci and on how she preparing the entire house for the baby, while trying to avoid the questions about the gender of their little bundle bump. Future started going into detail about how Ci-Ci let the baby listen to his music, and it went down like this: 

 The rapper said."The baby's been listening to music already, "She (Ciara) sent me a video of the headphones on her stomach. The baby just listened to 'Turn on The Lights.' The version with me and you."

Then Future went on to refer the baby as "he" and "him."
Future told Westwood, "See you got the sex out of me and you didn't even know it," 

At the end of the interview, Future tried to trick Westwood and refer to the baby as "she."

Press play to see  the interview below:

Ci-ci stated in an previous interview with PEOPLE , that she's not too far away from giving birth, but wanting to keep the baby gender a on the hush:

"I do know the sex of my baby, but again I want to keep that special as well," she said.

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