Saturday, February 1, 2014


What in the snappin hell made them do this! We can't deal...!

We tried our best to not post any funeral news or pics of such, but we had to just snap about this one. Folks be taking funerals to the next level like this ish here. The late Christopher Rivera Amaro was all ready to box his way to the pearly gates or should we say pearly ring...{Lmao}... Man look but for real {serious face} see more pics inside.
We are really lost for words so here the snap per online mail:

"Christopher Rivera Amaro almost looked ready to box, leaning against the corner of a simulated ring, but it was just his corpse.
Hundreds of mourners who came to his wake in San Juan on Friday found him posed afoot, a yellow hood on his head, sunglasses glasses over his eyes and blue boxing gloves on his hands.
The canvas of the floor was red and white in honor of the Puerto Rican flag.

Elsie Rodriguez, vice president of the Marin Funeral Home, said Rivera's family wanted to stress his boxing. 
The funeral home suggested posing him in a ring.
The makeshift ring was set up in a community center of a public housing complex. Rodriguez told The Associated Press it took them several hours to create the scene.

The funeral home has staged similar wakes for others. One featured a deceased man riding his motorcycle. 
Another featured a man sitting smoking a cigar.
The 23-year-old Rivera had a 5-15 record and one draw in the 130-pound weight class. 
Police said he was shot dead in the early hours Sunday in the city of Santurce. No one has been arrested.
He is survived by a wife and son, as well as his mother."

 See more pics below..

Good Gawd Almight!!! We're literaly are in tears from laughing. That it we're done!

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