Wednesday, February 26, 2014


She Fashion Black Haute! And She know it!...
B to the A to the B to the Y...! Baby Jennifer Husdon is serving all kind of sexy and glam as she stunned a Terry Richardson photo shoot for V Magazine March issue. See  more of the Haute Ma Singer  inside.

Jennifer rocked dazzling outfits of fashion black with a rocking hot hair do, should we add. 

In  a interview for the  photo layout, Jennifer said that she got her star training early on in her career and from the very best - the drag queens who performed in the gay clubs she frequented as a teenager.
'I used to go to gay clubs when I was a kid. We were 16 or 17 and my best friend would pretend to be my manager,' Jennifer admitted. 

'He’d have business cards made up and he’d negotiate for me to sing for $25 a song. I’d have these amazing drag queens style me up and down, honey.

The Oscar winner,  also tell the mag  that people feel like they're her best friend as soon as they meet:

'It’s funny, but I get that a lot,' Jennifer said. 'I feel like people don’t get to see the real me, but then they’ll say, "I feel like we’re best friends!"

'It’s so weird to me. It’s like once you know me you’ve been Jenniferized. I want to Jenniferize everyone!'

Although J-hud love acting, Jennifer's passion is her singing saying:  'This is what I love. I just can’t help myself.'

*Diva Snap* to jen for slaying this shoot...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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