Monday, January 20, 2014


Ugh Lawd! 

If you haven't heard by now well here what it is. Rumor has it that Amina Buddafly is preggo by her messy husband Peter Gunz. Okay! 

However there some more LHH NYC snappin of course. Tahiry and Rasheeda Ali is no longer BFF, and Joe Budden is still chasing after Tahiry considering she said H-to-the-nah on his wedding proposal, check it all out inside.

Peter Gunz & Amina relationship is still not clear rather they  together or not, although  the two are still legally married which happen because of a green card. Okay here the snap on the allegedly pregnancy:

According to Amina Buddafly is with child and it is the first baby for Amina with her husband Peter Gunz. Man if this rumor is true…then boy oh boy… messy just became messier!

While we congratulate Amina on the news of her child if this is true…. it would also be beyond messy if the baby belongs to Peter Gunz as sources swear up and down that Gunz is still stepping out on Amina.
It isn’t clear if Peter is being accused of still hooking up with Tara or someone else.

To be honest….we sort of don’t believe that Gunz would be doing the deed with anyone else except for Tara and it seems as though those ties have possibly been severed for real this time based on interviews that Tara has been giving. (But…we could always be wrong!)"

However we will just have to wait and see Peter & Amina address the pregnancy rumors on the reunion show. See more deets below...


We saw on the last episode of LHHNYC that BFF Tarhiry and Rasheeda  Ali fell out, here's the snap on that per Rasheeda Ali:
“The funny thing is that the people that you expect not to get out of line are the ones that get out of line,” she said. “Tahiry and I are no longer friends and that’s not someone that you would expect to get out of line.”

So on that note Tarhiry & Rasheeda Ali never became friends again and still fought after last week’s fight. This fight will continue throughout the show onto the reunion, and Rasheeda get her own spinoff show... Say What?!? We hardly see her on LHH..Read more here.


Now about Tarhiry and Joe Budden relationship: Joe Budden is still chasing after Tarhiry smh…Although she said no to his engagement proposal. We heard Tarhiry change her mind later and accepted but this one is still in question. So we'll have to wait for it on the reunion show.

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Old School Fridays said...

I just don't get why these women are addicted to these men. Sounds like more heartache than good sex, I mean happiness. I don't get it.

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