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Thursday, December 5, 2013


A happier Kanye West hit up the Rickey Smiley Morning show where he snapped about a lot of things. But what gave us an ear full is how Yeezus had his normal voice back. And if you wondering what the hell I'm  hinting at. Well let me explain North West Daddy  did a TV interview with his mother-in-law Kris Jenner, and his voice went from urban to low proper, and we was like hell nah that not the Kanye voice we know.

Anywho enough about me going on about Yeezus sticking to his normal voice before hooking up with the Kardashian clique. {Just saying}. So how about the interview with Rickey Smiley and his crew which was very entertaining as a Kanye interview would be.  Yep it was a no holding back on the tongue when it came to Kanye.  Plus listen to Yeezus throwing radio host Sway back his answer way from another city, basically. Check it out inside.

Kanye West visit the Rickey Smiley Show Wednesday morning where we heard a high pitch voice Yeezus again as he snap on being a parent and living without his late mother Donda particular doing the holidays that is bittersweet now that his daughter North is here.  Yeezus even spoke on an interesting conversation he had with his father about music and its connection to violence and crime in Black communities.  He also shared some   thoughts on "for-profit" prisons, as well as threw a few shades back at host Sway from their recent snap off interview. 

Scroll below to watch it all below...

Radio hostress Ebony Steele flick it up with Yeezus .

Press play to watch P1, 2, 3 below:

Check his voice on the Kris Jenner show below:

Now this is how the snappin started between Sway and Kayne, watch below:

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