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Friday, November 22, 2013


This rumor almost got us.. For a moment we was like dang we just learned they was dating and now their getting engaged already. Rumor has reported V103 radio host Big Tiggr and actress Keisha K. Pulliam is engaged and Bill Cosby was attending thier wedding, yada, yada. But we have learned that the couple being engaged is false... Find out more on the false rumor inside...

Okay here the snap: according to YBF: 
"Credible sources have informed us that rumors of Keshia Knight Pulliam and Big Tigger getting married are totally false.

We first reported V103 radio host Big Tigger & actress Keshia Knight Pulliam being a possible new item back in August.  Thanks to our sources who spotted them boo'd up at a basketball game. 
But after Tigger attempted to shoot down the rumors, the two popped up at various events posing it up...and looking very much together.
But a new National Enquirer report (which for some reason has picked up steam online) saying they are engaged and getting married very soon....is false.
A very close source tells us the wedding report is completely untrue.  But there was no denial about them simply being a couple."

What not a rumor is that Keisha  has some long thick hair, and it's all a big thanks to hairfinity

No filter, no make-up, no weave... Just blow dried!!! 

#hairfinity is working

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