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Friday, November 1, 2013


Wow! Werk them!

Look at the heels on those shoes that Lady Gaga is wearing, who has a mean shoe games as she was spotted stepping out in  the most outrageous get up and the Lady is walking it out in them too! Check her out inside.

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The unique fashionista wore a towering pair of PVC boots on Tuesday, which she match up with a plaid shirt, bare legs, and a boy-ish baseball cap and sunglasses while throwing up the peace sign as she greet passers by.

Okay here the snap: Why would Gaga step out in such high stilletto boots to basically bust her a$$ in
considering that earlier this year she was forced to cancel a string of shows on her "Born This Way tour" to undergo delicate hip surgery.... Really Girl! I'm not going to front the boots are nice to wear to spice up your romance in 
 some bedroom action with your boo if you know what I mean. But to walk in, nah boo it's not going to happen... Lady Gaga is a Brave Chick!

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Remind me of those Scary, Beautiful heels that debut last year.

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[Photo Credit:] D. Mail

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