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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Congrad are in order! Really this time for real....
Previous rumor had it that Ms. Kelly Rowland was secretly married, and from hearing what's snappin now. It was all just a rumor that is coming to light for the hot body singer who have confirmed she engaged to her manager, Tim Witherspoon. And it looks like Diva Kel is so content about her status of soon-to-be wifey she shared a pic of her engagement bling... Check on it inside. 

Kelly got that ring on it. The Diva  got engaged to her longtime  on and off boyfriend of four years Tim Witherspoon. She was seen in a recent Instagram video, sporting a huge diamond ring on her finger.

Scroll below to see  video...

Back in 2004, she was engaged to former NFL star Roy Williams, but the two never made it down the aisle, therefore this is Rowland’s second engagement.  But here the snap: according to Bossip.com: 

"Tim popped the big question to the 33-year-old X Factor USA judge sometime last week. Kelly is seen waving to the camera, and inadvertently revealing the ring on her wedding finger, in an Instagram video Tim posted in which she wishes a friend a happy birthday. Earlier this month there were reports the pair had got matching tattoos on their wedding fingers, which sparked speculation they were planning to marry".

I'm feeling some kind of way about this. I believe Kelly is already married as reported previously, and she is now just starting to wear the ring.  We'll just have to keep this one on the look out... Anywho did you see Kelly on the cover of Fashiz Black mag... The Diva is gorgeous!

Diva Snap* & Congrads to Kelly...POP THOSE FINGERS!

 Do you think she engaged or married already,
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[Photo Credit:] Online Mail, Google

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