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Music Mix Spotlights!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Man I tell you this RHOA show been throwing it down and really do keep us all entertain. First Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks Husband Apollo snap off and now the deets on why former quarterback Kordell Stewart who is telling his side of  why he file for a divorce from Porsha Stewart and he is also addressing those gay rumors. Check it all out inside.

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After his wifey Porsha clearly stated that Kordell informed her he was gay, many was talking.  But Kordell now telling his side to what we all have been waiting to hear about him being gay or not and why he hit Porsha with the divorce papers: Check the snappin back below:

Kordell on Porsha not parenting his son properly {Kordell's son calls Porsha "Mommy"}
"Everybody's trying to hustle and get their "NeNe" on.  Everybody wants to be "Nene".   I would get home [after being at work] and Porsha's not there.  My son would ask me, "Is mommy coming home, did she make it home yet?"  I would say she's doing her thing.  He would wake up in the morning and ask "Did mommy make it home?" And I would say yes, she's sleeping.  After a couple times of that happening and me not knowing...
When my son asked me this few times, I had to figure out how do I make him understand what's going on.  He doesn't deserve to have to deal with that when there's two parents in the home.  If anything, we should be eating dinner together, finding a way to get it done, or making sure that when the kid goes to bed you go in there to check on the kid.  Even if it's 3 in the morning, you kiss him goodnight.  So he can feel your presence!  I had to deal with that as a kid.  My mom passed away at 11 and my dad did it the right way.
I have custody of my kid.  It's my obligation as a dad to make sure my baby is good.  And I say MY because you see where it is today.  If I say our, the OUR of the other half isn't even doing her part.  She hasn't even called to check on the kid.
When I ask her where you been and why are you coming home at this time, she says, "What do you mean?  I'm grown.  I do what I want to do."  That's a quote from Porsha, my wife.  When that happened, I'm kind of messed up a bit because I never had this gangsta-talk to me from my woman before.  It's supposed to be about the household."

On the REAL reason Kordell filed for divorce
When I was done playing football I wanted to make sure the monies I made, I wanted to inject that in my family-to-be.  My son was already here.  Then, Porsha came on the scene.  She married into the STEWART family.  I didn't marry into the Williams family.  That's her people.  I went out my way to make sure we were situated.  As if I was still playing the game because I was capable of purchasing in cash my house for my family.  So when you come out your mouth and show that type of disrespect, you have no idea how much that BURNT me up inside.  I've been about team concepts all my life. I'm all about everybody pulling their weight, doing their part.  The person that suffers if people don't pull their weight is the child.
When I allowed Bravo in the house, I went against the grain of what I represent.  I'm private.  I had to compromise everything about my manhood from the standpoint of--I'm going to let my wife do what she do....and that's it.

On rumors he was arrested for lewd acts with a transvestite while he was playing QB for the Steelers
I never got arrested in that state or that city.  I was a black QB in the city of Pittsburgh.  Making millions.   I wasn't going to let any false rumors mess up my money, and I didn't indulge in the rumors at that time.  I couldn't have gotten arrested that Monday they said.  We had to watch film, we went to Dave & Busters with the boys.  That was just a rumors that started because I wasn't playing good football at that time.
On whether Porsha ever asked him about the rumors (like she said she did on last week's premiere)
No, she never asked me about it.  When we were dating maybe 2-3 weeks into our relationship.  We were at her condo and I asked to talk to her about something since we're about to move forward in this relationship.  I said I just want you to know there were rumors way back then.  I brought it up.  She said she had heard something about it.  And she said no big deal, I know a lot of guys that are gay.  I said no, that has nothing to do with me.  I'm just telling you about a rumor that's floating around about me before you get caught up into this relationship and find this out from the backside.
On if he's gay
No, I'm not.  I'm not on the down low.  And I'm not bisexual.  I'm a 100% man.   I don't do no "homophobic". There's nothing about no dude that I see...
I promise you...on my life...and everything I'm a part of including my son, and on my father who's no longer here, that nothing will ever come up with no dude and me and nothing.  People can say what they want to say.
On mistreating him and the kid
When your wife looks you in your face and tells you to file for divorce, and the only reason she's not filing is because she doesn't have the money and she doesn't have nothing to lose....are you kidding me?
The $3+ million I done put into this wedding  and this house, and got her mama and everybody in it?  A brother coming to the house with all his kids [every week] and my son wants to have a birthday party and you say he can't have a birthday party because you're uncomfortable?  Are you kidding me?
And when you tell me you're uncomfortable, but you got all these Bravo people walking through my house, people I don't know, makeup artists, all these different type of people.  But my baby, the kid that lives here in this house....and you say to me and his mom-- "This is not his house, it's my house.  He just lives here." 
I went to New Orleans to work at the Superbowl and I told my son's mother to handle the birthday plans with Porsha. And I come back to find out that the party is the indoor sky jumping castle place.
Porsha told her that she doesn't want the child's mother, her friends and all my son's friends at the house because she's "uncomfortable".  You got all these people coming to this house--your mama, Bravo, ministers--but my baby can't have a birthday party in his own house?
On if he still loves Porsha
I have love in my heart about what I remembered about Porsha.  I love her so much, but where she is, she's going to stay.  Not coming back over here.   There's nothing over here she can get or that I want, at all. 
On the final straw
The final straw was 3-4 months before I filed.  When my son couldn't have his birthday party at his own house.

The full videos are below.  This whole situation is MANY things.... Kordell does have (semi understandable) control issues.  But Porsha did agree to his terms before marrying him.  So when she flipped that script...he flipped those papers. {per-YBF.com}

Press play to watch the Kordell interview below:

Kordell  also revealed that he did attempt to do counseling to possibly reconcile with Porsha, he's not there anymore, and that the divorce isn't final so Porsha's still his "wife" on paper.

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