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Thank to all that was bashing the young ladies appearance. Honey has been snappin since. Rachel Jeantel was the friend of the late Trayvon Martin and since she experiences some media backlash earlier in the year, she now has many supporters who are so excited about celebrating her inner beauty and strength. 

Turning a bitter moment into a something sweet...Yes Honey! {In my Nene Leakes voice.}   TheGrio and Ebony Magazine gave her a new look in the “Rachel Jeantel: New Year, New Look” issue.  Check out Miss Rachel Jeantel new look inside.

Okay here the snap: on Rachel per TheGrio:
"Rachel Jeantel loves Manhattan, she told me during her latest trip. After a round of press last summer following her appearance during the George Zimmerman trial, Jeantel returned to New York recently — this time to be photographed for a timely makeover.

Now preparing to embark on a new future, garnered in part by her bittersweet exposure to the limelight, theGrio partnered with Ebony to help Jeantel mature in her personal style.

Rachel takes New York
Rachel came for the beauty and fashion, but underneath it all was all business. She exited the plane from Miami to get her new look clutching a text book. Ms. Jeantel works with tutors and other mentors paid for and selected by radio host Tom Joyner back at home to help her develop her mind for the rapidly approaching goal of attending college.
Currently in counseling (also facilitated by Joyner) to help her cope with losing her friend Trayvon Martin, Rachel is handling the vacillations of life with a bold heart. And ignoring her critics.

“I don’t really care about that,” Rachel told theGrio of the cruel backlash she faced upon becoming well-known. “I can’t let them put me down. I was there to help a friend out,” she said of testifying when others might have chosen to remain anonymous.

Rachel Jeantel became a household name when she testified during the George Zimmerman trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, for which he was acquitted of all charges. She testified that she was the person on the phone Martin was speaking to when he first encountered Zimmerman.

Since then, Rachel has endured both social media jeers and developed a compassionate fan base. Yet, what she is really focused on is her future"....

Scroll down for pics

These glamour shots appear in the December/January Power 100 issue of Ebony magazine, and embody her blossoming identity of a teen becoming a young lady. Now that is def a *Diva Snap moment.


Watch the behind the scenes: Rachel Jeantel's makeover:


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[Photo Credit:] The Grio, Ebony Mag

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