Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SNAPPIN ON TWITTER: CIARA SNAPS ON A CYBER-BULLY SAYS' “This Person Thinks It’s Cool To Talk About People All Day”

There have been a lot of folks dissing Singer Ciara lately for whatever reason, and it appear as  the hate for Ciara is not going to stop. But I give props to Ci-Ci because she kept it classy when a wannabe Big bad She Wolf Cyber-Bully tried to go in on the body part Singer....

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It went down Monday night when a fake Follower went on Ciara twitter page rudely hitting up Ci-Ci timeline tweeting all kind of smack. But look like Ci-Ci had enough with the haters as she snap back at this Keyboard Thug when she questions and made statements like:

The She Wolf even ranted about Ciara messing with Bow Wow back in the day, and tried to make comments about her body. The She Wolf was clearly looking for attention and obviously wanted Ci-Ci to respond, and when the Singer did she went in on this Chick profile pic and hair do, Peep pic below...

When Ci-Ci made it known to the social world. The She Wolf attempt to comment back on Instagram with saying she did not really care:

Then Ciara ended this mess with this note:

However others like Toya Wright and Usher Ex Tameka Raymond  also shared Ciara post to show her support and to stop Cyber Bullying:

Toya wrote:  "by @ciara "Kids. The Moral 2 The Story Is The Message Above.. Spend Less Time Bringing People Down, and Lift People Up. No 1 Likes When The Tables R Turned On Them Spread Love" via @InstaReposts"

Tameka Raymond:
Repost from @ciara ...shes nice because coming for me will get you straight roasted and drug for filth. Capiche?!😎

I know that right Tameka! Some ppl need to be put in their place.

Thoughts on Cyber Bully, 
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