Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, September 27, 2013



{{Singing}}.. 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Marilyn Monroe', Diva! 
Brianna Perry is keeping it Divaish and to the point as she rock hard on her new track "YAAS HUNTY" and DivaSnap.com got the opportunity to chit chat with the Miami Raptress about the new single.

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Brianna Perry has been in the rap game for quite a while now, and we have her here for a DivaSnap.com exclusive interview for her new singles bound to be mega hits here in Miami, in fact worldwide. Right now let’s get started…


DivaSnap.com: Hi Brianna, it is great to finally meet you and I’m going to jump right into this. We know that you began rapping at the age of 3, coming up in Miami which is such a talented city, who were the local artists that inspired you at such a young age to rap and be a part of the music industry? What was your breakthrough moment where you thought this was your calling?
BRIANNA: At a young age, I was blessed to be in the company of many of Miami’s homegrown artists who helped cultivate and expand our music scene. Artists such as Trick Daddy, Trina, Uncle Luke, Rick Ross, Pitbull, Flo-Rida, Brisco. The first time I ever walked into the studio I knew I never wanted to leave.

DivaSnap.com: You’ve collaborated with several well known artists such as Flo-rida, Missy Elliot, Trina, Dj Khaled, and etc.; tell us what it was like to work with them. Also who was your favorite to work with?
BRIANNA: Working with them all was beyond amazing! Each experience different but equally fulfilling, so it’s hard to choose just one person as my favorite. I admired them so being able to get close to them and pick up some of their work ethic was priceless.

DivaSnap.com: What makes you stand out from other female rappers? Tell us about your style and your flow.
BRIANNAMy story. It hasn’t been heard…

DivaSnap.com: Outside of music, describe your style on a normal day, for example while you’re home chilling by yourself or just out and about?
BRIANNA: Calm, laid back, in a relaxed get up, making others laughing.

DivaSnap.com: Now tell us about when you’re glammed up, hair laid, face beat to the gawds, and you’re fresh to death.
BRIANNA: I come to life… my persona takes over and the BP show begins!

DivaSnap.com: You've got a brand new track - "YAAS HUNTY” and it’s hot, we definitely knew the kids would live after hearing this. The beat and flow is crazy! What motivated you to go so hard on this track? Tell us more about it.
BRIANNA: Creatively I always aim to take it there, I love fun music that encourages people to just open up and let go! “Hunty” is all about releasing your inner diva.

DivaSnap.com: Is it available for purchase yet?
BRIANNA: It will be released this Fall.

DivaSnap.com: We all know Brianna Perry the rapper who slays the stage but we want to get to know the Brianna off stage. As you may know we are Divas who like to snap in a good way, so what makes you snap and what pushes your buttons?
BRIANNA: Interesting question, haha, my buttons are rarely pushed so you would just have to push them to find out.

DivaSnap.com: We’ve been rocking to your records like “Status”, “Hate Your Past”, and “Take My Breath Away” from your last mixtape “Symphony #9” which is available for download now on Datpiff.com and we can’t help but wonder if these songs are about anyone in particular. So the question is, does Brianna Perry have a special someone?
BRIANNA: “Take My Breath Away” was actually inspired by this real life infatuation I had …the guy has no idea, haha. But I always try to tell my truth or the truth of those close to me so that my listeners can hear some of their own realities in my music.

DivaSnap.com: So what are your future plans? Is there anything in particular we should look out for?
BRIANNA: Everything BP … new music and I’m invading your homes through the TV screen soon, stay tuned in.

DivaSnap.com: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We’ll definitely be looking out for your album and whatever else you have planned for your budding career in this industry. This has been another DIVASNAP exclusive.


It def been a pleasure to snap with Diva Brianna Perry who truly deserve  *Diva Snap*...POP THOSE FINGERS!

Folks be sure to look out for the hot track "YAAS Hunty"  Which you can listen to here now … Scroll below…Plus check out Diva Bri other  hit songs "Mascara Tears" featuring T-Pain and "Good" featuring Trey Songz  that is now playing on local radio station in Miami, and be on the lookout for her on your TV screens.

Listen to  "YAAS Hunty" here:

You can also Listen to the single below:

Hot Track Right,
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Watch Brianna Perry - Mascara Tears featuring T Pain below:

Listen to Brianna Perry - Good featuring Trey Songz [Audio]:

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