Sunday, April 7, 2013


keeping it snappin and to the point on forrest tucker--{trey songz brother}?

Hey Diva meet singer Trey songz younger brother, what a hottie right? Yes!!! In the mid-section on down I can def tell that he is related to Trey because that body is tight and right honey. Any who I was surfing the net  when I came across this post of Mr. Sexy himself  little brother who is Blessed with a good low brain that is suppose to be kept in his pants off the net.

 Click on read more below to see more pics... 

Warning 18 + viewer only

Okay here the snap per Funky Dineva: "Y’all i swear SuperHead is responsible for all these naked pictures of celebrities I have been receiving lately. I can’t proove it, so I’m going to leave that alone for now. Chile, I recently received another email with with pictures and a crazy story attached. This time they are supposedly Trey Songz’s younger brother Forrest. Catch These T’s

Along with the photos came the following story:

"I might as well give you the scoop! Forrest other known as Xavier was trying to holla at upcoming Model “TheRealKimdash” (her twitter) who hangs out with Karruche . She only uses her email for business inquires only, but that didn’t stop him from sending his nudes. She then later took to twitter and blasted him without realizing who she was blasting, Then later deleted the tweet, but not before I could screenshot it (yes gawd). I saw the email attached to the screenshot and traced it back to Forrest!!! As you can see in one of the pics it confims its his email because he’s giving out to someone else for music use."

Check the  pic below.... WARNING XX-RATED......

Handsome Fella right ? CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PICS

*SnapS* TO TREY lil-big brother...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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