Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

FACE TIME: RAPPER LIL KIM " Remarkably Smooth Skin" CHANGING BY THE DAY...{Photos}

I am a fan of Lil Kim, always have been and always will. But what is the Diva doing to herself. Every time I see the Queen Bee pops up on the scene her face appearance always look different, either she has gotten brighter, another nose job, or Botox or something just different!

Yesterday Kim was seen heading to New York to promote her comeback album, and yet again her face appearance look rather different as a round face remarkably smooth skin Kim opted to keep warm in a huge fur coat over her tight leather dress as she headed into MTV studios to film Rap Fix Live. See pics below...

However her Fans didn't care to much of her startling appearance as they took to Twitter to snap to the tiny Queen.  While one follower wrote:

'QUEEN WE LOVE YOU Nicki Minaj is trash.'

Really when is people going to learn to let by-gone, be by-gone. Maybe I'm asking for too much but Nicki and Kim need to collaborate so this ish can stop. Listen to new song below or read more...

Kim had such a pretty face..."Just Sayin"

Listen to new joint - Lil Kim - Twisted

 (Official Audio) ft. Tiffany xx below:

More Diva: 

 Kim and Tiffany chillin' on the set with Sway and Talib Kweli...Watch footage below:


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