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Monday, February 11, 2013


Run Frank run! 

That exactly what Frank Ocean did during last night performance when he took the stage to debut his song 'Forrest Gump'. Ocean performed in front of a screen that broadcast a video of his legs running throughout a barron land, just like how the character Forrest Gump did during the movie, and how different of a performance..... if we must add. Rather Cool!

The lyrics to the song is  about his love with a man whom he cannot get out of his head. It’s a theme of sexuality he famously highlighted in a Tumblr post. “I think I’ma wear a yellow tux to the GRAMMY,” he sang on a song by Mellowhype, the Odd Future spinoff which features Hodgy Beats and Left Brain- per V103.  And indeed Frank came to the Grammy wearing a pale yellow suit during his performace keeping his word.

Ocean was nominated for six GRAMMY awards and won two: Best Urban Contemporary, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Watch Frank Ocean Live Performance @ 55th Annual Grammy 
Awards 2013 below:

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