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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Alicia Keys  vs. Beyonce 

Both singing Divas Alicia Keys and Beyonce will be using their amazing voices to sing in tomorrow Superbowl halftime showdown. Therefore we feel that it only right to reflect on their recent fabulous appearances. Please scroll below to view more...

Diva A. Keys

Grammy Award winner who is gearing up for her ‘Girl on Fire’ tour Alicia Keys performed so Gorgeous at the President Inaugural Ball looking stunning in an all 2012 Michael Kors Crystal gown.  The fire red Gown features crystal embroidery, knotted waist and an open diamond backless design showing off her back curves, which is the piece to the dress that we adore so much! Alicia has been spotlight recently show us sex appeal and lots of curvy action.


Diva Bey

The most talked about and star Madam of the now Beyonce who is that Diva that we all are waiting to see rock the stage during the superbowl Half time show. Just two days ago performed at the superbowl press conference was so stunning in a white divine mini dress design by Olcay Gulsen.  Bey  dress feature a conservative neckline and long sleeves which gave her curves and figure that sexy attention {as always}  The back  of the mini  number  had a  diamond-shaped opening leather backless with a subtle draped effect, which again dazzles our eyes.

Which Diva Diamond-shaped Backless Dress will you Stun in? {Scroll below to vote}...

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