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Friday, January 11, 2013


the snappin is still on between the rick ross's...

So Drug Dealer snapper named "Freeway" Rick Ross, is not letting our rapping teddy bear Rick Ross  continue to claim Fame under his name.  The Dealer is not letting it go until the rapper gives him back his name or else he cashing out.

According to NY Post:

"Rapper Rick Ross is being sued by the drug trafficker Rick Ross for allegedly stealing his name to forge a career — and top music industry execs are being handed subpoenas for the trial. Rapper Rick, whose real name is William Roberts, is said to have adopted his stage name from the former c0caine kingpin, infamous for running a drug empire in LA in the 1980s. Drug dealer Ross, who went to jail in 1996 and got out in 2009, says his name has been “exploited and misused since he went to prison and . . . [the rapper] made millions off Ross’ name.” The trial is set for LA in August, and ex-Warner honcho L yor Cohen, current CEO Stephen Cooper and Warner director Edgar Bronfman Jr. are expected to testify."

Sheesh! We thought this was settled when the rapper started calling himself Ricky Rozay... Bol!

Thoughts, Leave comment below?

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