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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Wow slow down we did not know that Lamar Odom had children with his Ex! 

Just in case you wondering what the hell is we talking about  "Starter Wives Confidential," premiere last  night  {Tuesday, Jan. 29,} looks at seven women who stood by their Famous men through thick and thin -- until success, fame, infidelity or violence ended their relationships. Talk about some  stinks s dirty laundry aired in one show. 

So  now back to Lamar Odom ex-chick we also did not know that Lamar Odom had lost a six year old son let alone had two other kids, considering that we are fans of Khole and Lamar we must have missed the episode when he talk about his kids or prehaps he never spoke of them. So on that note we had to google them which we  tons of pics pop up, of course...{duh} Call us some late Divas! 

Anywho Lamar ex on the premiere show talked about her break-up with the Baller due to thier son death, and how she is trying to overcome it all, along with the other ladies on the show.

Going to be an interesting show!

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