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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So we all know when a Diva gets down to business it can sometimes get pretty messy.  And indeed it did for that known to be Diva or should we say {whole} Holy Diva Nene Leakes as she stops to make a treat run at a gas station in LA yesterday. While Leakes was deciding on what snack she wanted we sure do hope the Diva had enough richness to buy a new pair of leggings because  those  tighties she was wearing start to show her a*s.... unfortunately.  View the snap below...


Whoop there it is! {Lol}
Anywho Nene is preparing for another season of "The New Normal."

More Diva: 
There was more richness out taking care of Business. A very pregnant Amber Rose was spotted showing off how rich she is in LA  yesterday as she make some beauty run looking like she about to pop her baby out any second. Amber joked about gaining weight on Twitter saying: 

"I'm finally getting a Lil chunky going into my last month of pregnancy...Better now then in those first couple months #Chunkydonkymonkey"

However, Amber too was in the mood to show her pink panty  a*s. See pic below...


See those pink panties!  Amber Diva you know better to wear light color panty with black tights... {shame on you}

So since Amber rocking that Rich jacket, We was wonder why do a Rich Diva need to have two Baby shower when you are a Rich B*tch {in my Nene voice}. 'Just saying'

The 1st Baby-shower for Amber set-up by Daddy Wiz and Friends on the east coast.

Second Baby-shower for Amber set-up by Daddy Wiz Mother in LA.

We Heart the cake!

Thoughts, Leave comment below?

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