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Monday, January 21, 2013


Pic with Radio Personality Egypt, Nikko and Mimi

We're so happy to hear that the most talk about Diva on Love and Hip Hop ATL Mimi Faust is done with loving Stevie J and that snappin triangle relationship with  him and Joseline. Word on the net has it that she has found a new man to love. 

Mimi new snapper boyfriend name is  Nikko, {seen in the above pic with Mimi} who is a music artist/producer originated from Brooklyn who has worked with Celebs like   TimberlandTamiaCase, and Katharine Mcfee just to name some. 

Check out more pics of Mimi man Nikko below & see why Stevie J is supposedly Jealous… 

Per Celebnmusic247:
“Nikko with 2 K’s has been compared to resembling MiMi’s ex Stevie and when asked about that, he had this to say.
NIKKO confidently replied: I get that a lot though, I get that a lot, but we come from different cloths though.”
According to the happy couple, they met several years ago and recently rekindled their relationship shortly before NIKKO moved to Atlanta to be with MIMI.
NIKKO confirmed he will be making appearances on the upcoming season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.
Word is Stevie is NOT having it, but MiMi ain’t worried about Stevie’s threat’s, becuase she recently had this to say about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star/mega producer Stevie J.
MiMi said: “He’s still playing this game where he wants me to deal with him while he’s dealing with her [Joseline] and Lord knows who else. I’m cool on that. I don’t want to be bothered.”

Well do it Mimi !  Not Bad !

*Diva Snap*to mimi & the new man...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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Slick13 said...

Im so glad mimi moved on from Steve J.....

Slick13 said...

Im so glas mimi moved on...you go girl!

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