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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We so love Dawn Richard on the cover of SEPL as she is rocking, and styling that  blue lipstick  which is everything. Hmmmm wonder if we can cute up our face with the blue lip color like Dawn. "U snappin" Dawn Diva!

Just in time for the release of her Goldenheart album, which is now available on iTunes Dawn is looking oh so Divaish as she fierce up the cover of SFPL’s January Digital Cover. Dawn is also being a hair Diva in the photo spread while she werk a bun and long  braid wearing Louboutins and leather, as she snap about what inspired her latest project, check it below:

"I feel like now we’re in a time where we are very divided, angry, and we hate a lot. I think with my music what I am trying to do is build an army of people who fight for something together instead of against each other. With that inspiration I wanted you to have the “Armor On” to guard yourself and prepare for the battle. What goes on in the album is that we actually stand together and fight for one another on the front line and we’re not fighting against each other, we’re fighting with each other for the people who don’t believe that we’re beautiful enough, great enough, brown enough, or white enough."
 See the full spread below...

*Diva Snap* TO Dawn snappin photo spread...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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