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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Are we really shock that former American Idol and current X-Factor Judge Simon Cowell is on the other Team. {Not Really!} If what we are seeing is what we are saying; you know what I mean {in my hood voice}... Lol. Then Simon is coming out.

Yeah, yeah we know you are like what the hell is these Divas snappin about. We're snappin on the below pic of Simon Cowell cheekily Kisses David Walliams at Britain's Got Talent audition.

Okay here the snap per Dailymail.com: "For a long time David Walliams has courted Simon Cowell and teased him with consistent outrageous flirting. However, it seems that all of the innuendo and joking around have finally worn down Cowell. The music mogul was seen behaving rather amorously towards Walliams as he gave him back a taste of his own medicine.

While Simon played along for a little bit he was soon back to being the butt of David's jokes as the comedian made several lewd comments. At one point David asked Simon to 'spank' him and also proclaimed 'I'm the love machine, I'm a sexy beast'. It seems the crude statements went down well with many people tweeting about how funny the double act were." 

Ha!  So it was all an act!

 Thoughts, Leave comment below?

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