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Friday, January 18, 2013


keeping it divaish and to the point on yandy smith & her man...

Love and Hip Hop NYC star Yandy Smith and her Lover man/Baby Daddy Mandeecees Harris is making record with several rumors lately. 

Rumor has it that Yandy home was raided by the Feds just recently, and Yandy man Mandeecees is accused of  Molesting 15-Year-Old Girl according to unconfirmed reports, and now, it is reported that Yandy & Mandeecees had been kicked off the Vh1 hit show Love and Hip Hop NYC. Well we do not know if these rumors are true, particular the home raid of the Feds and the Molesting of a minor. However it has been confirmed by Love and hip hop Executive Producer a Mona Scott Young that Yandy and her Dude is still on the show and that there is no truth to that rumor of the couple being kick off of LHH-NYC.  

Intresting, Leave comment below?

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