Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We have been seeing pics and reports of Future and Ciara out and about in Beverly Hills, we just thought that they was just in business mode working on a collabo track or something  we had no idea that they was  the new couple on the streets in Hollywood. During  an recent  interview with Hot 107.9′s DJ J, Future confirms that him and Ci-Ci are during more than just collaborating with music but with love as well. Snap how the interview went down and what Future stated:

We are at a time where, I am on Epic, she’s on Epic, I love music, she loves music. And we love being in the studio with each other. We love being around each other and that’s just what it is. The chemistry is there. It’s amazing. She makes me happy, I make her smile.
He continued to say:
She’s a beautiful woman, amazing, incredible, everything that comes with those words, that’s what she represents. I can tell you, all the negativity that comes with me and her is not true. Our personal lives is our personal lives. Sometimes people present it like it’s true and they think they have facts, but at the end of the day, we know what’s true and we know what’s not true and anything negative from that situation, we [are] not even representing that. What you see is what you get.
Aww how sweet of him, But some negativity came from Future's baby mama of their 2 month old who sometime ago tweeted that Ciara was  #hasbeen"} 
Anything negative around that is all false because every time you are doing something positive and somebody sees you happy, they want to find something to tear you down. She’s a great woman.
I believe at the end of the day, once the media passes over and all of the foolishness goes past, we gon’ be able to be good. And we gon’ be good. It’s only comments, rumors and certain speculations. As long as we have that understanding, no one can ever come between us.

The rapper is working on a track "One Woman Army", However sound like Future is really feeling Ci-Ci and we hope it work out for the two.  Ci-Ci sure do got a thang for those rapper!
Fans you can cop Future mixtape  present FBG the Movie, and his upcoming  album Future Hendrix: Passion is Pain do not have a release date yet.

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