Thursday, December 27, 2012


Tyra Banks is back doing what she really love Modeling as she grace the January 2013 cover of 'Harper Bazaar Singapore, which the Magazine has snap on stands now. In the issue Tyra pose Fab  wearing designers Chanel, Armani and Donna Karen.

The “Top Model” Diva also told the mag:
“I want to have kids and I think it needs to happen very soon. I feel like I was born to be the experiment of the definition of beauty and to be a mother. It’s something I have do. I won’t be happy if I’m not a mother.”

 Tyra has now  start to cast for her new season of “America’s Next Top Model,” which will be the first season men will compete.


Per mediabistroTalk show hostess Tyra Banks has a new app available that teaches users how to smile with their eyes, aka “smize.”
The $.99 iOS Smize Yourself app gives users lessons in how to “smize” through photos and videos. Users can then add their own images and the app will add a “smile.” These images can be shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
“On America’s Top Model, I’ve always told my girls to smile with their eyes. We call it `smizing.’ Over the years, it’s actually become part of pop culture,” Banks told USA Today. ”I would be walking down the street and girls would say, ‘Smize!’ So many people asked me, ‘Tyra, am I doing it right?’ I decided to do an app. It does it for you, but exaggerates it, and makes it more like a fun bar tool or at-lunch tool.”

Will  you buy App, Leave comment below?

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