Monday, December 31, 2012


TAX REFUND SCAMS SNAP OFF IN MIAMI-DADE IN 2012! We know we are just one day away from a new year and the month of Taxuary Oops! We meant January where everyone in our neck of the woods becomes hood rich! You know what time it is, tax season time. Read more below please...

William Joseph went from playing in the NFL 
to running an IRS refund check scam.

Well folks in our town be on the lookout because  "Over the past 12 months, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami has uncovered more than a dozen rackets involved in stealing tax refund checks using stolen identities of social security applicants, elderly and disabled folks, Marines serving in Afghanistan, and even a corpse (according to mianewstime)."

From the South of Miami to North Miami Beach area Federal agents  has snap down on  many business, warehouses and studio apartment  containing several lists with the names, dates of birth, and social security numbers on  dozens of people and taxpayer, 

Yikes! Gotta be more careful! Read more here.

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