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Thursday, December 20, 2012


The outspoken Diva Tamar Braxton  as we may all know little sister to star singer Toni Braxton is not worrying about the drama that is all over her about her Beyonce and Joseline comments that was spoken on the new talk show 'Tiny Tonight". Because the "ratchet" saying Diva is on a promo trail for her new single, “Love and War”, performing the song on ‘Good Morning America’ early Wednesday morning (Dec. 19th). Although we missed the performance we watched it on youtube (of course), and if we must say the performance was hot, her stage presence was there, and she sounds great.

Watch Tamar perform “Love and War” on ‘GMA’ below...

The snappin star planned to release her sophomore album (which is also titled, ‘Love and War’) on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2013, and so far the lead single is off to a excessive start.

Watch Tamar perform “Love and War” on ‘GMA’ here:


*Diva Snap* to tamar 'gma' performance...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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