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Monday, December 31, 2012


 Singing Reunited...... scratch that we forgot the lyrics to the song... {Lol}. Did I ever say we need to get it together, indeed! Any who, when it's meant to be it's meant to be regardless, and this just maybe the case for main snapper Chad Johnson and his now again lady Evelyn Lozarda. While they were spotted leaving a restaurant in Miami and if we must say the couple looked very content. Particularly Evelyn as she was all smiles. Please read more below... 

Okay here the snap: Look like Chad got a Holiday gift that he most def hope for considering that on Christmas he was very open about Evelyn making her move back into his Miami mansion.  We just can’t believe how fast the couple ha reunited. The two is looking very satisfied. Evelyn certainly couldn’t stop smiling.  So it seems as they have work things out for the better. A new year is on its way, so why not a new beginning for these two.  We can’t even be mad at them for that. Singing Love, Love, Love, Love.... Crazy Love! Oh we remember the lyrics to this one.
*Diva Snap* to the couple we like that...POP THOSE FINGERS!

Click Play to Watch Brian Mcknight -Crazy Love:

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