Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Whoopi Goldberg,  Funk Master Flex, Scrubs’ star Zach Braff & comedian Roseanne Barr & more... TWEET ABOUT CHris BROWN twitter war.

Just  two days again we reported that Chris Brown had a nasty twitter fight with a comic writer Jenny Johnson. Well I'm sure you read the post.  It went down between the two. But now celebs have join along with a list of fans tweeting  their strong feeling about Johnson engaging twitter war with Breezy . See below of what these Celeb tweeted:

Zach Braff tweeted, “Incendiary Chris Brown tweet that yields death threats!!!”

 Rosanne tweeted, “When Chris Brown hears himself called demeaning names, he is triggered into anger, & the need to strike back against the powerful female. Chris Brown could benefit from some meditation courses -it really helps people who have problems with self control issues once triggered. Chris Brown is only 23 yrs old. He can be helped. The Cycle of Domestic Violence can be broken when you no longer respond to triggers. #walk” 

Filmmaker James Gunn tweeted, “After 3 years a woman returned the favor & beat Chris Brown, forcing the little wuss to delete his twitter account. Go @JennyJohnsonHi5”

Model Melissa Stetten said, “I think @JennyJohnsonHi5 won the internet today. @ChrisBrown has disappeared.”

 Whoopi Goldberg responded to a fan by saying, “@norlack89 the point is NO ONE DESERVES THREATs of ANY KIND. No one is right here EVERYONE is wrong”

Model Chrissy Teigan wrote, “it’s not the fu**up, fu**ups. it’s the consistent misogynistic attitude and anger management issues that followed.”

 Funk Master Flex tweeted a link to his website and said, “#IFWTcatchup: (Video) WOW! Chris Brown Gives More People A Reason To Criticize Him After THIS! –” 
 via Hollywood life

Any who we feel what all the celebs is saying, but since we now know this chick Jenny Johnson been torturing Chris for years. Like the saying goes you get what you was looking for.... Chris can careless he delete his twitter account and will be spending his New Years with Ri-Ri in her hometown Barbados.

who do you think is wrong 
in this case 

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