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Music Spotlights!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

SNAPPIN ON TWITTER: Anti- Obama Sentiments Go Viral

this the sh*t that makes you wanna snap!

We are going to keep this snap Divaish and to the point. Although what you are about to read is not Divaish it at all. It's insane and it may perhaps get you a bit heated in the process. But don't take it personal at all, because everyone in the world is not born with intelligents. So on that note going in, according to The Reporter over at who stumble on some messy tweets by Obama haters and team Romney Fans snap this:

Miss Neel has removed her tweet and her twitter account, but not until she received some polite responses. In that the Prime Minster there is no President of Australia is a woman and is actually an atheist, committing fantstic adultery as she is living with her married boyfriend. That’s not Christ-like behavior Ms Neel. You need prayer, per

Now wait there more,  read these tweet:

when will  people get over the fact that our president is black! 

Get your my Tamar voice. Post your thoughts below.

Read the Full Story here: ANTI-OBAMA-COMMENTS-VIRAL

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