Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Friday, October 12, 2012

THESE SHOES ARE DIVAISH! "Scary Beautiful" shoes.

Or Maybe Not! These are the Scariest Shoes of All Time!

This week the scariest shoes has been trending. We think that these shoes are on another level and are not Divaish at all.  In fact they are the ugliest shoes we ever seen. How can you wear these monsters and feel sexy and confident!  We wouldn't dare to put these hot of a mess shoes on our feet. Considering that we are a fan of some off the wall shoes! Take a look for yourself... click link to read more, and watch Video of a model trying to walk in these bad girls!.

Will you snap in these shoes? (There no way in D*mn you can!) Lol

*Diva Snap* to those who is feeling these "Scary Beautiful" shoes... Pop those Fingers!

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