Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Tami Roman from Basket Ball Wives Miami want You to take a Weight Loss Challenge!

According to

Tami Roman recently decided it was time to make some changes in her life. She started eating sensibly and stopped smoking. Here are the results below. 
  • A few months ago, I quit smoking and to cope, I transferred my dependency from one vice to the next. I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down. I looked up one day and I actually weighed 185 lbs. Now based on the fact that I am 5′ 10″, I wore the weight well, but I didn’t feel good about myself at all. The problem, I admit is that I am a foodie and I love to eat. I decided to try a diet product to help suppress my appetite, in which most of you know, I opted for NV pills and NV Sprinkles.
  • Much to my surprise, NV actually worked. Within 7 days, I lost 5lbs, but more importantly I lost inches. Mind you, this is without me changing my diet or exercising. I started to feel really good about myself. I decided to add walking 15 minutes per day to the equation and within the next week, 7 more pounds came off for a total of 12 lbs in 14 days. I could walk without taking a break, my blood pressure stabilized and I felt myself releasing all of those negative toxins I had taken in from years of smoking. Suddenly it wasn’t just about weight loss, but being healthy as well!

Okay although we are happy for Tami weight loss, but this is not a full result of natural dieting and weight loss. Reminder on one of the episode of BBW Miami Tami did have plastic surgery; remember the fat that was shown suck out of Tami... Yes um Huh...Lol.

However *Diva Snap* to Tami for quitting smoking, that major…Pop those Fingers!

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