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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Rihanna and Chris Breezy Back Together and Back to their Usual, Fighting Again! Ri-Ri Abusing Breezy!

WTS! These two are a snappin mess but we heart them though. Diva Ri-Ri and Chris Breezy just made it known publicly that  they are back in love and is a couple, (which we already knew for quite some time now) but supposedly  it's being reported that the two are already snappin hard at one another, and Diva Ri-Ri is the one who abusing Breezy. Well from our understanding wasn’t Ri-Ri the abuser the first time around... atleast that what we heard. Any who according to MediaTakeOut: Ri-Ri nd Chris Brown have only been back together for a few days or weeks at most, and already they're fighting. The site claims that on Oct. 15th the celebrity couple got into a "huge fight," according to an "extremely reliable insider."

The Insider also reported to MTO: the fight first started when Rihanna called Chris Brown and asked him to meet her at the studio. Chris refused, choosing instead to go out with his friends. And since then, Rihanna called up Chris Brown at least a dozen times over the past two days - each time, she launched into a tirade of curse words. Click link below to read more….

We're hoping that the couple can workout their difference, because we like them together!
 On that  note *Diva Snap* to the love Snap Birds ....Pop those Fingers!

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Click read more about Ri-Ri dad want her to marry Chris Breezy

Rihanna's Dad Says He Wouldn't Mind If She Married Chris Brown.

According to prefixmag.comer: 

After the terrible Rihanna and Chris Brown ordeal came to an end, people scoffed when news that the hip-hop starlet began to spend time with her abuser again, but it looks like she may have more encouragement to continue a relationship with him than we once had thought. Read more

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