Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Diva Snap was in the Building Slow Jamming with Kells!

Last night Oct, 21 2012 the  R&B genius Kells (R. Kelly)  would join us here in Miami at the James L. Knight center to get back into making us Diva feel extra sexy in an all white stage setting. Speaking of Sexy, that exactly how the show when down oh so sexy. We had a ball taking it back to Kells Olskool music from "Bump n Grind", to one of his very first song "Slow Jam" then to one of our favorite song "Twelve play" during this performance Kells would point the Mic at the audience to let us sing, as he joke saying "Damn ya'll haven't learn the words yet"...Lol  

Just last week would post about Kells stating that  "Lately, though, this oh-so-nasty man — known to the authorities as Robert Sylvester Kelly — has been trying' hard to behave himself, doing formal wear, smoking fancy cigars, talking about true romance, penning a thoughtful personal memoir titled Soulacoaster, and just generally acting the perfect gentleman."

Well how true is this statement, pretty much true. Kells is keeping it formal as we saw doing his white hot, sexy performance Kells would bring a cage bed on the stage with a young lady from the audience, and before the young lady was allow to enter the cage bed he had his guard to have her sign a written contract on stage in front of the entire audience. Look like Kells learned his lesson no more accusing him for any inappropriate behavior in any way, shape, or form.

*Diva Snap* to Kells for putting on a show...Pop those Fingers!

Watch Kells performance here: 

This video does not show to clear, but you still will get to see what we call the white hot sexy stage setting. Leave comment below.

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