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Music Spotlights!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Keyisha Cole have a threesome sex tape that about to Snap on the market.

Since the premiere of Diva Keyisha Cole reality show hit our TV screen last week. Keyisha have been making headlines in the entertainment world. Yesterday we just post  about Gucci Mane trashing Keyisha about a love affair with  Diddy, now today its being reported that Keyisha have a  threesome sex tape that about to hit the market. Yes! You heard that right a Threesome Sex Tape. Okay here the Snap:  according to HSK –

A source exclusively tells HSK there’s a sex tape featuring Keyisha Cole involved in a sexual romp with a known music producer and an unknown female.
According to the source, the alleged sex session was recorded a few years back. We’re told word about the tape is now out because of the man in the video, who is said to have plans to soon release it. That’s because sources say the singer is far from being the most favored talent – due to her reported ‘nasty attitude’.

The source also claim that: “Keyisha is a psycho bitch when it comes to a man. Word is she proposed to Jeezy twice and he turned her down.
Keyisha fucked off her career, she should stuck with Kanye. Kanye could of made her a star, but he couldn’t fuck with her. Keyisha has the nastiest attitude in the business.”

Here what we think whether this is true or not we (Diva Snap) still Phuck with Keyisha and she still a Diva in our eyes. So on that note… Pop those Fingers... *Diva Snap*

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