Music Spotlights!

Music Spotlights!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Chris Breezy girlfriend Karrueche said it's a wrap!

Just yesterday news broke that Chris Breezy was seem back couple up with Diva RI-RI kissing and having some bathroom action in NYC club. We also stated that supposedly his girlfriend Karrueche was fuming when finding out about this! So we're guessing she was pretty upset for real. However, all we want to know is it really over for Karrueche and Chris? 

Okay here the snap: according to "The two had yet another fight," tattled a source. "Chris keeps telling Karrueche he isn't cheating on her, but she just doesn't believe him. She is very angry at herself for getting into this situation. Karrueche truly believes that if Rihanna would leave Chris alone, they wouldn't have any problems." And supposedly Karrueche left Chris in NYC. We think Karrueche need to give it up! It’s quite clear that he and Diva RI-RI are still much in love and they want their romance again... Click link below to read for detail on this story.

*Diva Snap* to Karrueche just because she need dat....Pop those Fingers.

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To see more on Chris Brown and Diva RI-RI at Jay Z concert click read more:

Chris and Ri-Ri last night at Jay-Z concert

Click link to read more about this Drama of Love! *Diva Snap*

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